We provide a range of services:

Third party inspection services

  • Our deep expertise comes in handy for importers and exporters. We understand the complex business of imports and exports. We promise to offer you the flexibility and efficiency that would speed your time to market and therefore boost your bottom line
  • We deploy test methods and undertake appropriate tests for the products in question. We specialise in interpreting national and international standards

Quality certifications

  • We specialise in providing consultancy to help you obtain certifications in Quality management (ISO 9001) and Environment management (ISO 14001)
  • We will work with you through the entire life cycle i.e. initial gap analysis, advise on required systems and changes to meet required standards and help you achieve the required certification
  • We just don’t stop at the certification. We will continue to work with you to ensure you are in the best position to achieve your quality goals

Chartered Engineering services

  • We offer the whole range of Chartered Engineering services such as inspection at port of loading and valuation etc.

Corporate Training Programme and HR Consultancy.

  • We provide corporate solutions in Leadership, Behavioural, Soft skills and Image Consultancy.
  • We specialise in partnering with you to implement customised training plans based on a TNA (Training Needs Analysis) and on capability/leadership framework
  • We deploy methods to gauge the effectiveness of every intervention completed